The women of waseb – Muhammad Sheeraz Dasti

Narratives of three female characters in the Urdu novel, Adh Adhooray Log frame self assertion as the basic principle of existence Muhammad Hafeez Khan’s Urdu novel Adh Adhooray Log is primarily a requiem for the tragic heroes of Bahawalpur State who fought for their identity following its merger into One Unit. It exposes the meanness of theContinue reading “The women of waseb – Muhammad Sheeraz Dasti”

Takfir and terrorism – Tahir Kamran

Like khalafah, umma, jihad and shahadat, takfir has attained a wide currency in modern day Muslim discourse. For analysts, takfir has a peculiar specificity, especially when referring to modern day proponents of revivalist Islam. Takfir denotes excommunication or declaration of a person or group of people to be non-Muslim. Although the instances of takfir canContinue reading “Takfir and terrorism – Tahir Kamran”

19 organisations from Pakistan get GDIB awards

By RECORDER REPORT on January 1, 2020 Diversity Hub-HR Metrics organized 2020 GDIB Awards and declared 19 organisations from Pakistan as winners on Tuesday. Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks (Standards for Organizations around the World) support organizations globally in the development and implementation of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) best practices. GDIB was developed by 95Continue reading “19 organisations from Pakistan get GDIB awards”

Tantalizing ingredients: The Indian-owned dairy in New Zealand

Professor Ed wina Pio, New Zealand’s first professor of diversity, traces the history of the Indian-owned dairy shop in New Zealand and in doing so, explores the migration and work trajectories of early Indian settlers. She was recently featured in a Prime TV documentary on the topic, and her book Sari, released by Sir John Key, focuses on the IndianContinue reading “Tantalizing ingredients: The Indian-owned dairy in New Zealand”

Role of education in countering extremism and intolerance

Dr. Jawad Syed recently spoke with the newspaper, Pakistan Today, about “Role of Education in Countering Extremism and Intolerance”. He spoke about the importance of tolerance in educational institutes and sharing of knowledge, belief and ideas without conflict. On April 13, 2017, Mashal Khan, 23, a student at the Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan wasContinue reading “Role of education in countering extremism and intolerance”