Takfir and terrorism – Tahir Kamran

Like khalafah, umma, jihad and shahadat, takfir has attained a wide currency in modern day Muslim discourse. For analysts, takfir has a peculiar specificity, especially when referring to modern day proponents of revivalist Islam. Takfir denotes excommunication or declaration of a person or group of people to be non-Muslim. Although the instances of takfir canContinue reading “Takfir and terrorism – Tahir Kamran”

Sexual Orientation Diversity and Islam

Lecture by Professor Jawad Syed at the SexGen Seminar Date: 30 October 2015 Venue: Quayside, University of Huddersfield British South Asian Issues of Gender and Sexuality foreground some of the challenges and opportunities facing British South Asians living in the UK today. These experiences are forged via the intersections of age and generation, ethnicity, faith,Continue reading “Sexual Orientation Diversity and Islam”