‘Managing diversity and inclusion’ nominated for award

Cross-posted from: University of Huddersfield Professor Jawad Syed’s book Managing Diversity and Inclusion: An International Perspective shortlisted for CMI’s Management Book of the Year Awards A WIDE range of social and economic factors have led to greater diversity in the workplace.  This means that a new book co-edited by the University of Huddersfield’s Professor Jawad SyedContinue reading “‘Managing diversity and inclusion’ nominated for award”

Edwina Pio: Muslim Work Summit

The Muslims at work in New Zealand summit was held at Auckland University of Technology on 1 April 2015. Its aim was to better understand and put provisions in place for the growing Muslim workforce in New Zealand. The guest speakers included the equal employment commissioner and New Zealand’s first ethnic police inspector. Professor ofContinue reading “Edwina Pio: Muslim Work Summit”

Sage video: Work life balance

Source: https://study.sagepub.com/syed/videos Sage video interview with Dr Jawad Syed on work life balance: What does work life balance mean to you, how do you define it? Why is the topic important for organisations? What are the key debates or questions in this field? Why is WLB important globally? What inspired you to edit your most recentContinue reading “Sage video: Work life balance”

The New Zealand Diversity Forum

The New Zealand Diversity Forum is a platform which brings together individuals and organisations to share ideas and good practice on cultural diversity and positive race relations. The 11th annual Diversity Forum, organised by the Human Rights Commission, was held at AUT’s Auckland campus on 9 September 2015. The theme for the 2015 forum wasContinue reading “The New Zealand Diversity Forum”