Time to say ‘Je suis diversity’

Snip20151203_21.pngGlobal migration has introduced us to new communities and new religious practises. Edwina Pio asks how we can best reconcile them.

How we handle the challenges of today will determine the future of our fragile planet and our humanity. Immigration is changing the composition and texture of workforces both nationally and globally. The world contains over 5,000 ethno-cultural groups. Technology, cheap airfares and the global economy have scattered people in countless combinations around Continue reading “Time to say ‘Je suis diversity’”

Gender Inequality in Pakistan: Panel discussion

Panel Discussion

Gender Inequality: Cross-cultural perceptions of women and men today

Moderator: Ms. Tahira Abdullah
Panelists: Mr. Deepak Perwani, Dr. Jawad Syed, Ms. Nuzhat Kidwai

Event: School of Tomorrow 2015
Organised by: Beaconhouse School System

Key points (reported by Bolo Bhi):

Start at a grassroots level to help women in poverty, says fashion designer Deepak Perwani

Scandinavian countries enforced positive discrimination which is a good example to follow, says Dr. Jawad Syed

Why do mothers discriminate betweenContinue reading “Gender Inequality in Pakistan: Panel discussion”

Talking it out: Pakistan’s fear of expressing itself


By Siham Basir
The Express Tribune, November 29, 2015

KARACHI: Articles 19 and 19A of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantee citizens’ freedom of speech and expression but why is it that, in 2015, we are not free to express ourselves without fear, asked actress Nadia Jamil while moderating a session on ‘Freedom of Expression. What Sets the Boundaries?’ on day one of the School of Tomorrow conference.

“Freedom of expression is not whenContinue reading “Talking it out: Pakistan’s fear of expressing itself”

The New Zealand Diversity Forum

Edwina Human Rights

The New Zealand Diversity Forum is a platform which brings together individuals and organisations to share ideas and good practice on cultural diversity and positive race relations.

The 11th annual Diversity Forum, organised by the Human Rights Commission, was held at AUT’s Auckland campus on 9 September 2015. The theme for the 2015 forum was ‘Empathy in the face of Diversity’. The forum’s aim is for individuals and organisations to share ideas and good practice on how to foster positive race relations.

Professor Edwina, New Zealand’s first professor of diversity shared her research insights based on her recent book “Work & Worship” on religious diversity in the workplace.