Building staff engagement for uncharted waters – Professor Peter Murray

Peter Murray (PM) – My name is Peter Murray I’m the Professor of Management at the School of Management and Enterprise at the University of Southern Queensland
Well my research typically follows organisational learning, team learning and probably also diversity management.

Jim Lindsay (JM) – My name is Jim Lindsay, I’m the CEO of Ipswich city council. Ipswich city council is a large local government, right next to Brisbane in the South East corner of Queensland. It has a population of about two hundred thousand people currently, growing quite quickly to four hundred and fifty thousand people in the next 15-20 years. it has a staff of about 1200 employees and provides over 1000 products and services to our community.

PM – At the state government level I have been looking at organisational learning, networks, creating organisational learning cultures. At the specific local government level, I’ve been looking at how do you create a
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Ethnicity and diversity: Why we need top of the cliff solutions

By Leonie Hayden


The experiences of migrants and refugees are addressed in an annual summit hosted by AUT’s Immigration and Inclusion Research Group. This year a range of speakers will be tackling the workplace.

“We are in a woven universe, so how do we create a weave that doesn’t fray?”

This is the question at the core of creating robust immigration policy, according to AUT’s University Director of Diversity, Edwina Pio.
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The Rise of the Radicals – The Narrative of Terror Hides Behind its Ideologues – Catherine Shakdam


The 2016 BBC documentary on Deobandis in the UK exposed what many of us knew all along. That the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom are not a monolithic and that there are some schools of thoughts that dominate terrorist violence and intolerance, while other Muslims are held collectively responsible. Most disturbingly, the vast and significant network of Deobandi madrasas in the UK have hosted globally designated terrorist like Masood Azhar, head of JeM.

If we consider that the UK is but one of the many ‘assets’ Terror’s ideologues have cultivated … and one could safely say activated over the years, one needs to in fact ponder over the magnitude of the crisis we currently face.

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How early career women help to open up the gender pay gap – Julie Davies and David Fahey

Snip20170912_11Perhaps Gary Lineker is worth more than Clare Balding? After all, the former footballer fronts the BBC’s coverage of the world’s most popular sport. Balding, on the other hand, presents the BBC countryside radio programme Ramblings and the BBC faith programme Good Morning Sunday, alongside other jobs for BBC Sport. In truth, though, the kerfuffle over the BBC gender pay gap is a distraction, and part of a wider trend towards public sector bashing.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Interview


Publication: Workforce Tomorrow (Issue 8, 2017)
Interview with: Jawad Syed


“Diversity premises on the understanding that there are multiplicities of identities, experiences, and perspectives. By inclusion, I mean the understanding that there are various interpretations and ways of life, apart from the mainstream version, and that these diverse identities and lifestyles should not be ignored, voiced down or suppressed, but included and equally valued in the mainstream way of life within and outside the workplace.”

Full interview (PDF) can be downloaded here:

Workforce Tomorrow – Global Diversity and Inclusion