Targeted killings in Bangladesh: Victims, culprits and countermeasures – Jawad Syed

Since 2013, Bangladesh has been repeatedly in headline news across the world due to systematic and incessant targeted killings. In the mainstream media, both in South Asia and the West, the focus has been generally on high profile murders of secular and progressive bloggers, e.g., recent worldwide broad coverage of the tragic murder of XulhazContinue reading “Targeted killings in Bangladesh: Victims, culprits and countermeasures – Jawad Syed”

Djokovic business case for higher men’s pay in tennis harms equality – Jawad Syed

Source: The Conversation In a controversial yet thought-provoking comment, world number one Novak Djokovic has questioned the equality of prize money in tennis, suggesting that men should be paid more as they have more spectators. Djokovic made the remarks following the furore created by Raymond Moore, CEO of the Indian Wells tournament, who said thatContinue reading “Djokovic business case for higher men’s pay in tennis harms equality – Jawad Syed”

Sexual Orientation Diversity and Islam

Lecture by Professor Jawad Syed at the SexGen Seminar Date: 30 October 2015 Venue: Quayside, University of Huddersfield British South Asian Issues of Gender and Sexuality foreground some of the challenges and opportunities facing British South Asians living in the UK today. These experiences are forged via the intersections of age and generation, ethnicity, faith,Continue reading “Sexual Orientation Diversity and Islam”

Oscars Diversity Row – Jawad Syed’s interview on Radio Huddersfield

Here, Prof Syed talk about the Oscars and how, for the second year in a row, all of the 20 acting nominations for the Academy Awards are for white actors. Interviewed by Nicole Reid of Music Radio Huddersfield on 16 Feb 2016. Link to the article on the University of Huddersfield web site:

Edwina Pio: Muslim Work Summit

The Muslims at work in New Zealand summit was held at Auckland University of Technology on 1 April 2015. Its aim was to better understand and put provisions in place for the growing Muslim workforce in New Zealand. The guest speakers included the equal employment commissioner and New Zealand’s first ethnic police inspector. Professor ofContinue reading “Edwina Pio: Muslim Work Summit”