Diversity, we’ve got to do much more!

epDr Edwina Pio, New Zealand’s first and only professor of diversity and director of diversity at AUT, says while it’s wonderful to celebrate diversity through festivals, “we’ve got to do much more”.

It’s important that education institutions, as well as organisations, when they talk of diversity it’s more than butter chicken, more than Diwali, more than moon cakes and more than Chinese New Year.

Large countries such as India or China, where a lot of migrants come from, are “so heterogenous” she says, “you can’t use one broad template for everyone”.

Migration is a reality, Pio says. “When we think of the future of New Zealand, it is going to get browner, it is going to get older.” That’s why it’s important Aucklanders are comfortable living alongside people from diverse backgrounds.


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