Diversity, we’ve got to do much more!

Dr Edwina Pio, New Zealand’s first and only professor of diversity and director of diversity at AUT, says while it’s wonderful to celebrate diversity through festivals, “we’ve got to do much more”. It’s important that education institutions, as well as organisations, when they talk of diversity it’s more than butter chicken, more than Diwali, moreContinue reading “Diversity, we’ve got to do much more!”

Diversity, Peace and the Future of Leadership in the United States

The world today, more than ever, is in need of leaders who could work towards weaving and achieving a shared vision of diversity and peace, a vision that could in turn enable an inclusive notion of prosperity. History has shown that an enduring peace is possible only through reconciliation, equality and justice, not through divisiveness,Continue reading “Diversity, Peace and the Future of Leadership in the United States”