A relational perspective on gender equality and mainstreaming: The case of Pakistan 

This paper argues that single-level conceptualisations of gender mainstreaming and equality within organisational or legal policy domain are inadequate to capture its contextual and multilevel nature.

It develops and offers a multilevel perspective on this issue and situates it in the context of Pakistan, a developing Muslim majority country in South Asia.

Based on a review of macro-level factors (e.g., laws, policies and culture), meso-level factors (e.g., organisational interventions) and micro-level factors (e.g., intersection of gender with social class and family status) in Pakistan, the paper develops a contextual perspective on gender mainstreaming to achieve gender equality at multiple levels.

Speaker: Prof Jawad Syed
Event: Talent, Diversity and Development (TDD) Research Group Seminar Series
Venue: University of Huddersfield Business School
Date of lecture: 14 June 2016

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