Gender Inequality in Pakistan: Panel discussion

Panel Discussion

Gender Inequality: Cross-cultural perceptions of women and men today

Moderator: Ms. Tahira Abdullah
Panelists: Mr. Deepak Perwani, Dr. Jawad Syed, Ms. Nuzhat Kidwai

Event: School of Tomorrow 2015
Organised by: Beaconhouse School System

Key points (reported by Bolo Bhi):

Start at a grassroots level to help women in poverty, says fashion designer Deepak Perwani

Scandinavian countries enforced positive discrimination which is a good example to follow, says Dr. Jawad Syed

Why do mothers discriminate between sons and daughters asks audience? Tahira Abdullah answers that it’s the patriarchy and women internalize patriarchy and therefore discriminate between sons & daughters. When a daughter is born we should celebrate by distributing sweets, says Tahira Abdullah

Nuzhat Kidvai criticizes the whatabouttery which deflects attention from women’s issues

In spite of legislation, women do not have much legal recourse or organisational procedures when it comes to sexual harassment at the workplace, says Dr. Jawad Syed

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